Welcome to the
Reignite your Life Mini-course

The mini-course that will help you transition your life from boring to passion-driven

First Thing You Need To Do:

Join The Life Reimagined Community, where we are hosting a Live Q&A about goal setting and hosting a challenge where you have the chance to win a grand prize. You will also get access to all my other free events. Join with this link.

Module 1: Introduction

Jump right in and learn all of the different topics we will be covering in this mini course

Module 2: Goal Mindset

Learn what mindset you actually need to achieve any goal that you set for yourself

Module 3: Goal Breakdown

Learn exactly how to break down your goal into a concrete plan and how to incorporate it into your daily schedule

Module 4: Next Steps

Know the next steps you need to take to continue on your goal journey

*Our community is no longer on vibely and is now apart of Kajabi Communities, click here to join